December 2022: Hegemonic Masculinity

How can masculinity be analyzed? How do groups of men behave among themselves and what are the implications? Which groups of men have which power? And what does masculinity have to do with racism, classism, or homophobia?

In diesem Monat geht es um eine der zentralen Konzepte, um sich diesen Fragen zu nähern: Hegemoniale Männlichkeit.

Intersectionality in the formation of masculinities

Marginalized masculinity highlights the linkage to other systems of oppression. As mentioned in the last text, in the 8th chapter of her book "Masculinities" Connell deals in detail with different processes of formation and shaping of masculinities. In doing so, masculinity and femininity are understood as gender projects that are not rigid but are in an ongoing interaction with their emergence, historical contexts, and environments. ..

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Hegemonic Masculinity

What Connell is best known for is her concept of "Hegemonic Masculinity," which will be introduced in this text. She is one of the first theorists to analyze masculinity by focusing on hierarchies and power relations of men. She acknowledges the importance of distinguishing different masculinities in the context of prevailing systems of oppression. However, she argues that ...

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