June 2022: Male Friendship

Why do cis men feel comfortable or uncomfortable with other men? What does this have to do with competition and sexism? With whom do cis men talk about their feelings and why is this related to patriarchy? Our texts in June on the topic of male friendships revolve around these and other questions.
Ab Juni geht’s los, seid gespannt!

Showing weakness, but only if it is a strength

I think I can talk about feelings quite well. I'm empathetic, I'm good at cuddling, hugging, being there for people when I have the mental resources, and I'm good at opening up. At least that's what some of my female friends tell me. So I am one of those 'modern' and sensitive men. One who has shed traditional masculinity requirements¹? One of the good ones? ...

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Feeling good among men

What do you think of when you think of male friendships? Which friend, which group, which feeling and which memories? I think of many things: evenings with "the guys", fun evenings, sports & leisure, hobbies, competing and drinking beer. Something "uncomplicated" that I can still rely on. Actually something nice. It took me a long time ...

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