Want to join us?

The calendar team is looking for new team members!

You don't just want to read along, but would also like to help shape the content of the calendar? Would you like to join us in writing texts, discussing theory and exchanging experiences while tackling sexual violence and machismo? Perfect, because we are currently looking for reinforcements for our little team!

At the moment, the work we put into the calendar is done on a voluntary / self-exploitative basis. As there are currently only three of us, it has become more of a challenge to fulfil our self-set requirements by researching and discussing, writing and revising texts, translating and formatting, responding to enquiries and feedback and maintaining the website, in addition to education and paid work. What's more, in such a small group, our perspectives on the topics and texts are inevitably very limited. And while we all have different positions within the patriarchy, we all currently come from middle-class, white and academic households. Also, none of us have experience of ableism and fatphobia. We try to live up to a high intersectional standard and include these perspectives, but we are aware that this only works to a limited extent.

We currently work in German. We mainly work online, as we live all over Germany, and meet irregularly every few months for a weekend in person. In principle, we are open to rethinking this concept.

In principle, we want to pay for the educational work of those affected. Unfortunately, previous attempts to apply for public funding have failed. With the current shift to the right, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get funding for emancipatory projects and even established projects are affected by massive cuts. That sucks, but quitting is not an option for us. We don't want to make this work dependent on public funding. However, with a little more capacity, we are definitely open to considering other funding options (e.g. appeals for donations).

If this sounds interesting to you, just drop us an email to kritischer_kalender@riseup.netWe particularly welcome perspectives that are not hetero endo-cis-male.