Critical Calendar

In the critical calendar you will find a new theme with different texts for the critical examination of masculinity(s) every month.

December 2022:
Hegemonic Masculinity

What is it about?
Wie kann Männlichkeit analysiert werden? Wie verhalten sich Männergruppen untereinander und was hat das für Auswirkungen? Welche Gruppen von Männern haben welche Macht? Und was hat Männlichkeit mit Rassismus, Klassismus oder Homofeindlichkeit zu tun? In diesem Monat geht es um eine der zentralen Konzepte, um sich diesen Fragen zu nähern: Hegemoniale Männlichkeit.

November 2022:
Konsens Part 1

What is it about?
What actually is (sexual) consent? Why is it important to talk about physical intimacy? What social images are we given of sex and consent? And how exactly do I actually talk about it? These and other questions will be addressed in November.

October 2022:

What is it about?
We want to use October to gather feedback and refer to texts from December that we want to encourage you to read again.

September 2022:
Sources on feminism

What is it about?
Im September stellen wir Quellen zu Feminismus in verschiedenen Formaten vor.

August 2022:
Men and

What is it about?
What does it actually mean to be critically engaged with masculinity & how to be a "critical" man? Why do cis men actually do feminism? And should they have an opinion now or shut up? These and other questions will be addressed in August.

July 2022:

What is it about?
Why is it so important to talk about sexualized violence and what is society's view of it? What help is available and how do I act when someone tells me about experiences of violence? July will provide an introduction to the topic of sexualized violence.

June 2022:

What is it about?
Why do cis men feel comfortable or uncomfortable with other men? What does this have to do with competition and sexism? With whom do cis men talk about their feelings and why is this related to patriarchy? Our texts in June on the topic of male friendships revolve around these and other questions.