The Critical Calendar is coming back!

What is the "Critical Calendar"?

On this page we publish texts about the critical examination of masculinity(s) and sexism. We started in December 2021 with the Telegram channel "critical advent calendar", where we wrote in 24 doors about different topics around patriarchy, sexism, masculinity(s) and feminism from different perspectives.

Meanwhile, in the "Critical Calendar" we pick a topic for each month, which we cover in several short texts. “Critical Calendar” for each month a theme out of, we are dealing in a number of short texts.

For whom is the calendar intended?

We don't just want to address those who want to deal with their own masculinity. We also want to create space for dealing with masculinity(ies) in one's own environment - e.g. as a woman. So you can expect a mix of experiences, ideas and thoughts from people affected by sexism, as well as cis male perspectives.

What are we doing this for?

In the end, we want to fight patriarchal structures and sexism in the long run. To do this, exposing, making visible, and reflecting on violent and problematic male behaviors is a first step. Masculinity work can and should aim to make everyday life and the life of FLINTA* easier in a very concrete way.

It is important for us to emphasize that masculinity work should not be about creating a new "good masculinity" that stands in contrast to toxic masculinity. Nevertheless, we would like to stimulate debate, discuss possible scopes of action and, above all, share ideas and personal experiences. The goal is to take over some educational work from FLINTA* if possible & to promote a thematization of masculinity and sexism especially among cis men.

Furthermore, we are always happy to receive feedback, criticism and suggestions. Here you can reach us via contact form. We guarantee that we read all messages, but we can't reply to all of them.

Feel free to share the channel or the website with friends and men's groups of your choice! And have fun browsing!