Critical Advent Calendar

Here you can find our Critical Advent Calendar from December 2021, which is how this project started back then.
We ended up posting just 22 doors on different topics and you can read them all again here.

23. Door – Conclusion

Hello dear people, we want to say as an Orga-Team this opportunity to once again Thank you to all of you. Thanks for reading, Sharing, and a lot of solidarity, criticism and all suggestions for improvement! We were unable to answer a lot of the time, but have read everything and tried to incorporate. Critical masculinity, sexism, and Patriarchy ...

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"You're different from other women"

[English version] In diesem Türchen geht es um “Misogynie”. Darunter versteht man die strukturelle und individuelle Abwertung von Frauen, die in unterschiedlicher Intensität auftreten kann. Von „Frauen sind zu sensibel“ bis zu Femiziden ist Misogynie durch eine Abwertung des „Weiblichen“ gegenüber dem „Männlichen“ gekennzeichnet.Kate Manne, eine Sozialphilosophin, beschreibt sie als „Exekutive des Patriarchats“ (siehe weiterführende …

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15. Door Male Fragility

[English version] The door of today deals with the concept of male Fragility. This concept is still young and is defined in various sources is very different.However, the concept of "male Fragility can be understood to have" not without "toxic masculinity," you probably already heard. Roughly summarized, the toxic masculinity describes the violent and harmful ...

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