Podcasts, Movies & Videos

In this post we introduce you to podcasts, a Netflix series and a youtube channel.

Popculture Detective (English)
Video essays exploring the intersections of politics, masculinity, and entertainment. Hosted by Jonathan McIntosh.

Alles für Alle (engl.: Everything for Everybody) – Dissens Verein (German)
(Spotify) (apple podcasts) (website)  
In dissent with prevailing gender relations! A podcast of debate and theory by and for gender politics activists and interested parties.
Episode #1: What do we mean by masculinity(s) and why is engaging with masculinity important to counter hierarchies and inequality?

being trans (German)
(Spotify)  (apple podcast)  
Two trans people talk about gender, sex, and identity.

Sex Education
(Netflix series)
Sex Education is a British television series in which the son of a sex therapist answers his classmates' questions about love and sex. The series deals in a very entertaining way with the issues that concern young people and makes clear how important good sexual education is.

Note: We recommend the series because it shows how important sexual education is and does so in a fairly low-threshold way. Nevertheless, we are aware that the series is problematic in some places and would like to encourage you to critically question it.