Magazines and Articles

Today we present you four magazines and articles that we consider worth reading.

Boykott Magazin
[Link - German]
The magazine for critical examination of masculinities from (pro)feminist perspectives. For men and against patriarchy! Nonprofit & diy!

The Euphoria of Elliot Page
[Link - German] [Link - English]
Elliot Page writes in this very personal essay about his childhood, his identity and his life. In it he also addresses his experiences with bullying, gender roles, transphobia and depression.

Combahee River Collective Statement
[Link - English]
The Combahee River Collective was a Black feminist socialist group active in the United States from 1974 to 1980. The Collective argued that both the white feminist movement and the civil rights movement were not paying attention to the oppression of Black women and Black lesbians in particular.
Their Combahee River Collective Statement is a key document of Black feminism. It laid the foundation for intersectional theories: which consider the interplay of multiple forms of oppression (esp. class, racism, patriarchy, heterosexism), and develops the notion of identity politics.

Missy Magazin
[Link - German]
Missy is a magazine for pop, politics and feminism. In the section "Hä? Was heißt denn..." a wide variety of terms are explained.